Dynamic Loading - error scenario - dhtmlx3.0


I am using DHTMLX 3.0 for my development. I have a treegrid which is getting loaded dynamically. I have an error scenario where in the control should go to the error method defined. But my code never goes to the the error code. Could you please direct me as to where I could be going wrong?

displayDynGridError = function(type, desc, erData){
		var msg = (erData[0]) ? erData[0].responseText : "<framework:text resourceBundleName='ABCResourceBundle' key='abc.GeneralRetrievalError'/>";
		msg = (msg != null) ? msg.substring(8, msg.length) : "";

var ajaxurl = "../abc/GS?<%=FrameworkUtils.getAjaxURLParams(request, "getTreeGridData")%>";
			    ajaxurl += "&TypeName=" + selTypeValue;
			if(id != null && id != 'undefined' && id != '') 
				ajaxurl += "&id="+encodeURIComponent(id);
			dhtmlxError.catchError("ALL", displayDynGridError);  

In case of an error response from the AJAX call, I am not getting the alert message. Please help!

Unfortunately the issue cannot be reproduced locally. If the problem still occurs for you, please, provide with a complete demo or a demo link, where it can be reconstructed.
Here you can find a tutorial about creating a complete demo:
docs.dhtmlx.com/auxiliary_docs__ … pport.html