Dynamic loading of big Datasets in tree component

Is there a way to load dynamically big datasets like in the previous version of DHTMLX Suite ?

Currently such feature is not supported in the tree component of the dhtmlxSuite 6, but its performance is much better in than the dhtmlxTree 5.

Do you plan to add this feature to the new version of DHTMLX Suite ?

I apologize. Such feature is already included in the dhx.Tree 6.
You need to use “autoload” config property of the dhx.Tree with the defined url, where the child items should be loaded from.
For example:

	var tree = new dhx.Tree("tree", {autoload: "http://localhost/myTree/data/child_data"});

during the parent expanding the request will be send to that defined url with the ID of the expanding item:


Thanks you a lot.
This should do the work.