Dynamic loading of events(data) in history


Using Dhtmlx Scheduler for ASP.NET MVC in timeline mode, render mode: Bar, with enabled dynamic loading (days or weeks).

When past date is chosen from minicalendar, scheduler sends data request to server with date_from: “minicalendar chosen date” and date_to: “present date”. All events from chosen date till presence are loaded. (See attachment) That results into big ammount of events(data) being sent back to client.
How can i achieve loading e.g. week time range of events for past date dynamically?

By modifying Data method in my controller i am able to send back to client events only in certain time range, however scheduler client component does not send any more request to server if you load e.g. 5th february and then move using arrow towards the presence. Can i force somehow component to send the data requests when moving from past to presence by right arrow button?

My goal is to achieve faster way of events loading when my customers are browsing the history. Now it takes few minutes to load the data.

Thank you.