Dynamic Menu Xml

Is there anyway that you can load Xml as a string into you tree context menu.  The reason being is that when the user right mouse button clicks, I want to get some Xml based on the context of the current node (by possible storing it in the userData element as CDATA) then convert the Xml into your menu format and load it in so it “pops up”.  If this is not possible then I’ll have to build the menu on the fly be some other means like
var oPopup = window.createPopup();
and then creating some Html based on the Xml in the node and applying it to the innerHtml of the popup or by some third party Javascript menu thing ( I guess like dhtmlxMenu but I haven’t looked at that yet )
I guess one option would be to have a Http Handler that when you right mouse button click it will perform something like  menu.LoadXml( menuData.aspx?nodeId=xxxx ) to get the menu data but I haven’t tested the performance (or even if this is possible).
Great control by the way.

Basically it possible, context menu supports loading from XML string ( please be sure to use latest available version of context menu )


but in most cases, if you need custom menu for different items it has sense to create menu with all possible actions, and just hide|show necessary items on menu opening (onShow event ) . menu transfer id of releated tree item as incoming param into event handler, so you can adjust menu look exactly before showing