Dynamic MultiSection

I was not able to find any similar questions or references in the docs. Hope someone can help with this.

Is it possible to dynamically select multiple sections? I have sections that can be combined and am trying to populate events automatically from a database.

ROOM ABC <- Combination of A+B+C
ROOM AB <- Combination of A+B
ROOM BC <- Combination of B+C
Room A <- Can be assigned individually
Room B <- Can be assigned individuallyv
Room C <- Can be assigned individually

ROOM DEF <- Combination of D+E+F
Room D <- Can be assigned individually
Room E <- Can be assigned individually
Room F <- Can be assigned individually

Room G <- Can ONLY be assigned individually

Thanks in advance!

the scheduler does not support a combined sections, but probably such behavior can be implemented.
You can have event assigned to a several sections of the timeline
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/timeli … alsections

In order to have a ‘summary’ sections, which are combination of other sections, you can try tracing API events that trigger when the data events are changed. I.e. you detect when event is assigned to room ABC and from the code assign it to A, B and C, and vice versa.