Dynamic paging clears initial sorting params

I created my own cookie based sorting saving. If there is an entry, I attach something like


to my connector url.

I use dynamic loading and bricks paging. Once I move forward to a page that triggers a new dynamic server request it clears that parameter, so that the result is unsorted (atleast not sorted as I want it to).

From initial URL:


… the URL changes to:


… which of course kicks my initial sorting preferences. :angry:

BUT: When sorting in the GUI by clicking the column headers the paging algorithms saves that kind of sorting and attaches the according sorting params automatically.

Question: How to savely load (and reload) data from server with stored client side preferences (that may change through sorting by user and should always keep that last sorting preferences).

After the page changing right before the data request onDynXLS event is calling:
You may block that event adding “return false;” and call the data request manually right from that event.

grid.attachEvent("onDynXLS", function(start,count){
return false;

Thanks sematik! Meanwhile I solved it using my own Cookie based solution. Works well so far. :wink: