Dynamic Smart Render All Row IDs


I am using a Dynamic Smart Rendering because my table is 10K rows with 500 columns. We use the row ids for another part of the code but it is not possible to get all row ids from dynamic smart rendering after filters.

We would like to get all rows ID’s not just only the rendered ones. I have looked for it through the forum but couldn’t find any work arounds.

I have thought of using onFilterStart event to make a custom query but i would need the field names not indexes which onFilterStart provides.

Is there any way to get all rows IDs in dynamic smart rendering besides having a separate custom query to get all row ids?

Thank you

Client side code doesn’t know IDs of not loaded yet data, so it not possible to get the necessary info without extra server side call. ( it possible to fetch all already loaded IDs, but it will be only part of overall dataset )