Dynamic Smart Rendering using JSON data load


Is there a place that sites an example on how to use dynamic smart rendering when loading data using JSON.

I found all examples illustrates using XML and I came to know we need to add “dhtmlxgrid_json.js” only after visiting the forum. So, please share some examples or working illustrations for the above.

Note: We’re in the process of evaluating dhtmlx for purchase within a month, so please help asap.

Thanks in advance.

Please contact support@dhtmlx.com and we’ll provide you working example of dynamic loading from json format

The following JSON ends up with ‘Invalid JSON’ error.
Removing off total_count:6,pos:0, gets it working.
Please post some valid JSON for Grid Dynamic Smart Loading


BTW I appreciate your help having an example that allows dynamic headers and dynamic data. Something like following where XML is used to load Grid Header and JSON is used to load Grid Data (in call back function).

grid.load('/SEUILibrary/controller/e/na/Root/en_US/pricer.gridpricing.workflow:GetNewMatrixData?header=true&mtxOID=XYXXY', function(){ grid.load('/SEUILibrary/controller/e/na/Root/en_US/pricer.gridpricing.workflow:GetNewMatrixData?type=json&header=false&mtxOID=XYXXY',"json"); } );

In the provided JSON there are only 4 rows,. but total_count is 6.
Please, note that the quantity of the rows shoudn’t be lesser than total_count parameter value.

I do not think Dynamic Smart Rendering requires all results to be included. There will be no value for the word ‘Dynamic’ if we add all the results in a single shot.

setting “total_count:6” you are telling the grid that there are 6 rows. And it will try to load 6 rows.