Dynamic smart rendering with asp.net (datatable)

i’m trying to implement dynamic smart rendering with asp.net and dhtmlxGrid.
The problem is that i dont have any control on sql query(no direct access).Im getting ready datatable which contain X records.
i’m looping on those records and im generating JSON string for the grid:

foreach (DataRow row in dt.Rows)
if (i != 0)
//new row splitter
string msgId = row[dt.Columns[“request_message_id”]].ToString();
sb.Append("{id:" + row[dt.Columns[“iwfid”]].ToString() + “,total_count:’” + dt .Rows.Count + “’,pos:‘50’,data:[”);
sb.Append("’" + row[“request_timestamp”].ToString() + “’,”);
sb.Append("’" + row[“iwfid”].ToString() + “’,”);
sb.Append("’" + row[“service_label”].ToString() + “’,”);
sb.Append("’" + getHost(row[“calling_application”].ToString()) + “’,”);


can i activate the dynamic smart rendering in this case (getting ready datatable with no access to db)?
how to do it? i put as u see “total_count” and pos in the json string.
when server side page is in debug,i can’t see it reach the page when scrolling.
Also i cant see pos value is affacting the results in grid.

Any help will be appriciated.

one comment : i beleive the technique is not rendering (loop) all 50,000 records but only few hundreds for neccary display .

You can try to use dhtmlxConnector for ASP.Net. This library can help you simplify server side operations related DHTMLX components. Please find more information here dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxC … ndex.shtml