dynamically effect options for a lightbox section

I have two selection sections called “Services” and it’s subsection “Statuses” which should be populated dynamically based on the selection of “Services”. I’ve tried hooking up the onchange method to explicitly change the DOM and I’ve been successful but this doesn’t do an auto trigger to re-render the html. Is there some function I can trigger to re-render that specific section? Thanks much!

please check the attached demo, you’ll need to update path to dhtmlxgantt.js/css.

The approach is following

  1. you define an onchange handler of a Master select
  2. then, each time the value of Master changes:
    2.1) handler collects new set of options for a Child select based on the new value of a Master select
    2.2) access Child DOM element with gantt.getLightboxSection and manually repopulate the options of the select node
  3. each time lightbox the opened, options of a Child must be updated (user onBeforeLigthbox event)

basically I’ve took the code from similar scheduler example
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/sample … htbox.html
gantt_linked_selects.zip (1.34 KB)