Dynamically hide 'Clear all' button


Hello, DHX friends,

Is there any way I can dynamically hide the Vault’s ‘Clear all’ button, please? I want certain users, based on their permissions, to be able to add files, but not clear them or delete them.

I know how to dynamically hide the X (individual file delete) icon, like this:

addClass(document.querySelectorAll(".dhx_vault_file_delete"), "hideVaultControl");

But I can’t seem to find a Vault CSS class that allows hiding the ‘Clear all’ button. It would be wonderful if I could do something like this:

addClass(document.querySelectorAll(".dhx_vault_button_clear_all"), "hideVaultControl");

Please let me know how this might be possible. Thank you!



I found an answer:

bVault.buttons.clear.style.display = "none";