Dynamically loading data in Gantt


We have a large data source that we’re loading data from using DataProcessor. We’d like to just load data just for a specific time frame. Then have the ability to scroll to different time frames and have the data update automatically.

Two questions, really:

  1. If we’re looking at a time frame of two months starting with the current date, and we want to scroll to the previous two months, for example, or go to a different date, what is the best way to do this?

  2. What is the best way to dynamically load data from the DP source? In Scheduler, the DP source was automatically appended with from/to in order to dynamically load data. Does Gantt do anything like that?



There is no similar feature in the gantt
For now you can use combination of

gantt.clearAll(); gantt.load(url);

to change the data in the gantt