Dynamically Loading Data + Mini Calendar Problem


I have successfully integrated the Scheduler into my web application and currently have the main calendar with day, week and month views on the left of the page and a mini calendar for navigation to the right.

I have all of my data loading dynamically and I have set it to load data monthly using: scheduler.setLoadMode(“month”);

Everything is loading fine when navigating the main calendar but when I navigate through the months on the mini calendar events are not being highlighted for anything other than the current month. Where there is an event on one of the days shown it should be highlighted green.

When you first load the page the events for the current month are highlighted in green and when you navigate using the main calendar arrows this updates the main calendar and the mini calendar and the events are properly shown.

It’s only when navigating using the mini-calendar (which doesn’t update the main calendar display) that there is an issue. Also clicking any of the dates on the mini-calendar updates the main calendar and when doing this the events are then shown properly on both calendars.

Is there any way I can get the events for the month displayed on the mini calendar to load and display as I navigate through them using the mini-calendar?


I should have added that changing the data so that it’s loaded yearly or all in one go fixes this issue but that’s not going to be practical for me because of the potential number of events that will be loaded.