Dynamically set the grid's max width with enableAutoWidth


I have a requirement to dynamically size the grid based on window size changes. I am currently calling the “.enableAutoWidth” function before the grid is initialized, then I call the “enableAutoWidth” with the new maxWidth variable after the window has been resized (as many times as needed).

I’m getting some odd behavior with this. For one, once the grid resizes, a horizontal scrollbar appears and will not go away even after resizing the window multiple times. When I tried it again outside of our environment, a horizontal scroll bar doesn’t appear at all - the content is just hidden.

I can submit this issue as a support ticket but thought there might be more ideas by posting here. Please let me know what is preferred.

Thank you,

Please, try to set the widths of your columns in percentages:


Or use “*” as the width for one of your columns: