Dynamically show dhtmlxScheduler

Hi !

I have two tabs. In one of them there is my Scheduler. When I click on this tab, a variable is set to true. The Scheduler is in a div which has the property ng-show. So when the variable is set to true, the ng-show “activates” and my scheduler is supposed to be shown. The problem is that the scheduler appears BUT all the widths and heights are 0px. I have to click again on the tab, then the dhtmlxScheduler gets the right size and displays correctly.

Why is this happening ? Is there a way to get the dhtmlxScheduler to be shown in the right size as soon as the ng-show property is true ?


You can call scheduler.setCurrentView() to repaint the scheduler

Problem occurs becase scheduler was initialized in the hidden container and was not able to detect the correct sizes.

This doesn’t work neither. I only see the title: “Year 2015”

I also tried : scheduler.setCurrentView(new Date(2012,5,3), “year”);
This changes the title to “Year 2012” but it doesn’t display the whole scheduler neither.

Moreover when I click twice on the scheduler (it displays), then I switch on my first tab and then I come back to the scheduler tab, the scheduler isn’t displayed again. I have to click twice again.

Please provide a demo link or a standalone sample where the issue can be checked.