Ed cell, press enter key it goes to next line in cell

IE only,
I have an ed excell in grid. when I enter some value and press enter key it goes to next line within same editor cell. The editor does not close on enter key.
Earlier, on enter key press it is used to work fine ie. accept the value and close the editor.

This started happening after I made following changes to my code.

Following are the changes I made to the working code that broke.

  1. I added mouseOver, To show color change on hover for editable cells.
    if(prevCol!=-1 && prevRow!=-1) {
    if(cellInd==2 ) {

     		prevRow = rowId;
     		prevCol = cellInd;
     		mygrid.cellById(rowId,cellInd).cell.title = "Double click to Edit";
     	return false;


  2. Added code to save and restore resize and sort user prefs.
    mygrid.loadXML("/a?q="+$(’#viewFilter’).val(), function() {
    // Added Following lines


  3. Added following events.

    mygrid.attachEvent(“onResizeEnd”, function(obj){



    mygrid.attachEvent(“onAfterSorting”, function(index,type,direction){

Do you have “onEditCell” event attached? Any chance you have attached dhtmlxgrid_keymap_excel.js or dhtmlxgrid_keymap_access.js files?

yes, I have “onEditCell” but that it has been there before this problem happened.

There are no keymap* files being included.

One file which I recently included is ( it was not there before)

Not sure if it can cause the issue.

Can you please provide complete demo including all files which you are using? You may send such example to support@dhtmlx.com