edit a cell by button


i know that for Edit a cell we can click or doubleclick on the cell and change the cell’s value (it’s easy)

but …
i want create a button that when we click on it automatically change some cell’s value … i found no function for it …

there is some function like …
setRowTextStyle ();
setRowTextBold ();
setRowTextNormal ();

but these function’s only can change the style of cell … i need a function that change(update) value of cell

also there is another value like …
but there is no example and i can not use it

please make an example that what shoud i do.
I hope you understand that what is my probleme …!!! :cry:

You may try to use setValue() method:

mygrid.cells(rId,colInd).setValue(“new value”)
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … t_setvalue