edit grid row in dhtmlx window


i am using dhtmlx latest version I have the following requirement

dhtmlx Grid may have n number of rows, when user dbl click on any grid row , i need to edit that particular row information in a dhtmlx window (same cell properties one cell may with dropdown and one cell with radio button and one with checkbox) and upon closing the dhtmlx window , that row needs to be update in dhtmlxgrid.

i think right now dhtmlx dont have any such component / example, do you guys have any sample which i can make use of it.

- husal.

Unfortunately we haven’t such example. But you can use “onEditCell” event to catch when use opens cell editor and show dhtmlxWindow. Also you can create custom eXcell type and configure which elements must be shown when edit cell. Pleas find more information here
dhtmlx.com/dhxdocs/doku.php?id=d … l_creation