Edit Occurrence then Edit Series

I am not sure if I follow the logic here…

1.  Create an event which reoccurs every day -- set the description to "abc"

2.  Edit day 15, just change the occurrence  description to "xyz"

3.  Now edit day 16, this time change the series -- set the description to "new"

Why do you delete day 15 “xyz”? The logic suggested here: docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/recurring_events.html

says that when the series is changed, all of the related linked events are deleted.

I have my own server-side code, so I should be able to change this functionality. I just wanted to mention that logic caused a lot of trouble.

if you change start date, end date or repeat pattern of the series the particular occurrence (series exception - changed or deleted) may not be correctly parsed in the scheduler. So it’s safer to delete all previous changes when you edit series. If you change the description only, you can check it on the server-side and keep your exception.

This is limitation of recurring mode logic. Changing the text for series doesn’t cause the problem, but if you change the start_date or recurring type for series then the scheduler will not be able to link already modified instances to the master event.

My users are having a lot of trouble with this logic. The Scheduler is used to show the doctors’ working hours so the users create a lot of recurring appointments without end dates. Then when a doc needs time off, they edit the day to block off the time. So they set the doc’s working schedule for the year.

A few days ago, the user added an end date the recurring event and it deleted all of the time slots which were marked as unavailable (one of which happens to be Saturday). So the users who book the doctor’s appointments booked Saturday by mistake.

They say this is happening all the time and are about ready to go back to pen and paper if I can’t resolve it.

I am having another strange issue as well. Could I open a real support ticket? We bought the scheduler a long time ago and plan on buying it every year. I can pay for it early if it needed to obtain support or we can buy a support ticket.

I need to do something as this limitation is causing a lot problems.

Option 1: Block “Edit Occurrence”

Option 2: Do not allow the series start,end date, pattern to be changed if there are child Occurrences.

Option 3: Dhtmlx develops the ability to remove this limitation

Obviously the best solution is #3. is this being considered? Any other suggestions?

we are considering this issue, however there is no final solution now.
#3 of course would be ideal, but as Stanislav said, there is no general way to link modified occurences back to the series. The series can be changed completely, it is unclear how the modified occurences should be related to the new series.

For now, the best available solution would be to show a confirmation popup if a recurring series is being modified.
Here is the code

[code] scheduler.attachEvent(“onEventSave”,function(id,ev,is_new){

	if(!scheduler.confirm_edit && ev.rec_type && ev.rec_type != "none"){

			text : "All modified occurences will be removed, are you sure?",
			callback : function(res){
					//save_lightbox will trigger onEventSave and this handler again
					//set a temporary flag, so checking will be omited after confirmation
					scheduler.confirm_edit = true;
		//prevent saving, it will be triggered from a confirmation callback
		return false;
		scheduler.confirm_edit = false;
	return true;