Edit one occurrence in recurring series does not send all attributes to server

I have a problem with an upgrade of the scheduler from v5 to v6.0.3

When I choose to edit one occurrence in a recurring series I expect it to create a new single event with all the values I enter in the lightbox.
Including extra fields I have mapped: location, user, etc.
And all this worked as expected in v5. But when I test to upgrade to v6.0.3 the only thing passed in the POST request is start_date, end_date, event_pid, and event_length
It also makes a PUT request without any payload at the same time.

What am I missing? What has changed?

Dataprocessor is updated according to the migration docs:

var dp = scheduler.createDataProcessor({
        url: api_url,
        mode: "REST"

Hello Kristoffer!

I’ve reproduced the issue and confirmed a regression, thank you for reporting.

We’ll do a quick research and most likely will have a solution later this week, I’ll give you an update in this thread.

Thanks for the response!

Hi @kristofferhogberg !
It took a bit longer than expected, but both issues should be fixed in the latest v6.0.4

  • a redundant PUT request shouldn’t be longer there
  • the DataProcessor should send all fields of the event to the server

Nice! I will test it out