Edit txt box issue

Dear Sir,

I am using dhtmlxGrid in my project, which populate in the dhtmlxLayout, where I am using column type txt, whenever I am going to edit last row of the grid, text box popup below the layout, I am not able to edit the text in the text box and I can not see it in the window, I am fasing same problem with co (Combo Box) cell type of the gride it going below the layout. Can I edit the text inside the cell.

Please help me ASAP.


Such an issue can take place if you initialize layout on the full screen. In this case the page is without scrolls and the elements below layotu can not be shown.

Grid API doesn’t allow to define the top position of the drop down elements. It is necessary to make modifications dirrectly in the dhtmlxgridcell.js.

For example, to show “co” above the cell something as follows to be done:

function eXcell_co(cell){