Editing menu item name and placement in main site navigation

I have installed "Event Calendar / Scheduler v2.3.1 in a current version of Wordpress and it is working as expected. BUT - I need to edit how Scheduler appears in the main site navigation. I am not using custom menus for the main navigation, but instead am using pages structure - eg: a new page will show in the main navigation menu. On install the plugin places a menu item called “Scheduler” as the second menu item. I need for this to read “Events” and be in a different position in the menu. Where do I edit these parameters? I have looked through the forums and dug in the php files and I can not figure out how to edit this. It seems it should be a simple edit…

Thanks in advance for your help.


Kind of - how do I remove the “scheduler” menu item that is auto generated?

OK - I feel so stupid - but leave this post up. I was misreading the documentation. The scheduler automatically generates a new page called “scheduler” with the plug-in code [[scheduler_plugin]]. The page name - and thus the navigation, can be edited as a normal page.

I literary spent hours trying to figure this out when the answer was so simple I was missing it.