Editing the query?


Is there any way to update the query ?
i wanted to edit a query for update…?
i have looked into the beforeUpdate() method, couldnt do much there…

You can replace it with custom one

docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … ex_queries

is there a way where i can edit the query that is about to be executed ? update query …?
i dont want to create a custom one, but edit or just remove one field from the query that is an update query .
The scenario is, i cannot hard code the table name nor the columns ids, they change and apply to many tables for each user .

Why do not issue render_table and if necessary custom sql in above format for different formats?
All parameters of render_table are strings, so you can provide the ones which is necessary for the current user as parameters of render_table.

the main problem for me is that the values coming are one to one matching,
so, the render_sql has columns from two tables and i want to update only one table, since the update can only be done on single table, the columns does not seems to match because of extra columns fields( as i explained in my earlier thread, and beforeUpdate() solution does not seems to work for me since i am getting the IndexOutOfBoundsException for JavaConnector).
i just need to remove one field from the query.

Anyway i will now try to get the values from the incoming parameters and try to do it manually.

How do i execute the sql query in Java ?
the GridConnector.sql does not seem to have ‘attach’ method?

DBDataWrapper db = (DBDataWrapper)GridConnector.sql; db.attach(...);