Editor and Color Picker

Could the editor be updated to allow a button to be toggled (displayed or not) to open the color picker?


I think a lot of people would find it useful.


You can try to add the additional button to the editor toolbar using the approach that described in the post dhtmlx.com/docs/products/kb/inde … mal&q=9325

Also using onClick event handler of toolbar you can call the necessary function:

if(id==“cp”) showColorPicker();

Cool.  I will try that.  BTW, will the editor show colors in the text?  I have not tried it yet.

Also, if there will be a next version, how about adding:

Insert hyperlink

Insert email link

Insert image

Quote block

Code block

A Drop-down combo with “standard” web fonts

Instead of H1-H4 buttons, combo box called Sizes, with 1-7 and show how big they are

Super- and sub-script, increase and decrease indent, strike-through, could be in a combo.  Not very commonly used items.


It would have to be 2 rows tall to handle all of this, but would greatly improve it.  All your other modules are fully feature loaded, please update this one.



editor API doesn’t allows to change colors of the text.

The nearest release won’t include the described features

When first start typing text, works fine.  Hit H1, type some more.  Decide to erase it all, but now I can’t get out of H1 (or other).  If I hit H1 button again it won’t turn off.  Maybe add a button to get back to normal text/size also?


The bullet and number lists don’t work, either.  Even the demo on the web site.

Nor do anything in the one in the forum editor.


Never mind.  I figured it out.  You have to type something, highlight/select it, then hit one of the buttons.  That is very confusing.

I want to keep using your editor, but TinyMCE does this so much better.



please, try to use attached file instead of the original one. Probably it’ll fix the issue with lists.

Regarding h1-h4 buttons… unfotunately, editor doesn’t support functionality that allows to clear H formatting

dhtmlxeditor.zip (5.09 KB)

That is much better! Thank you!  Keep up the awesome work!