Editor and css styling

I am experimenting with the Editor which I think is good and would like to use in a project I am working on. I would like to tweak the styling of the editor content; change the font, line spacing, add some colour to headings etc. Can I attach a style sheet, modify an existing stylesheet or can I include inline styling somewhere in my code?

Here is a demo for you
Script part - adding colorpicker

editor = new dhtmlXEditor({ parent: "editorObj", toolbar: true, iconsPath: "../imgs/" }); eD = editor.tb; eD.addButton("cp", 26, "setColor", "../___img/colorpicker.gif"); eD.setIconSize("32px"); cp = new dhtmlXColorPicker({ parent: "colorPicker", input: "b1", target_color: "cv1", target_value: "v1", color: "#0000ff", custom_colors: ["#00f0f0",[22,66,77],"rgb(255,24,238)"], hide: true }); cp.hide(); cp.attachEvent("onSelect", function(color,node){ cont = editor.getContent(); editor.setContent('<span style="color: '+color+'">'+cont+'</span>')}); eD.attachEvent("onClick", function(id){ if(id == "cp"){ cp.show(); } else{ alert("Button "+id+" was clicked"); } });



Thanks for your response. This is not really what I want which is simply to change some of the default styling that the editor uses, eg heading colours, line height, padding etc. Can I attach a style sheet to override the default settings? If so, I would need to know the class names which, though I’ve tried, I can’t determine.

dhtmlxEditor was planed in such functionality scope as it has now. We don’t plane to improve it. So, colorpicker is only item you can add and use (exactly such simple implementation as i suggested)
We can offer you to try this ready editor: