Ellipsizing DHTMLX grid column header

I need to show the column label as the tool tip whenever user hovers on the column header.
Basically, I want to fix the width of the columns and if the Column name is exceeding the width then ellipsize the column header label and display the complete column name as tool tip.
If column name is “Long Column Header” then display it as “Long Col…” in the Header. Once user mouse over on that column then “Long Column Header” should be displayed as tooltip.

Please help as we need this urgently.


I am able to get the tooltips using customized columns headers. But now splitAt is causing problem. If I remove the splitAt, the grid is rendered properly. If I add splitAt then the headers of all the frozen columns are displaying the function name itself instead of showing the real column name.

You may place any html-content to your header.
So, you may use the following solution to display the titles:

column label