Embed Grid in Form using Designer

Based on the sample here:

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … _grid.html

it seems as though the way to add a grid into a form would be by adding a container and then setting the container to be a grid. I cannot figure out how to do this in the designer and assume it isn’t supported?

We have integrated the designer into our front end and have extended it to meet our requirements so it would be a major blow if we cannot use this functionality.

We have the pro license and pay for support.

Thanks in advance.

What Designer version about is? Online or local? Specify, please.

I didn’t realise there was a difference between the online designer and the one bundled with the dhtmlx suite. It is not the touch version but the issue exists both within the online designer and the one bundled with the suite, we are using the latest version 3.6.

unfortunately ‘container’ input and adding dhtmlx components to these containers is not supported yet.
Can you clarify what exact behavior is expected from the designer? Would supporting of form-container be enough(i.e. adding empty container to the form and then attaching grid or any other component with manually written code), or do you also need to add dhtmlx components to the containers via the designer?
Please contact our sales department sales@dhtmlx.com on this matter. Update is not planned for nearest time, so you may have to make a feature request.

We have actually extended the designer and integrated it into our front end. So we are designing user interfaces for our application in the designer and saving them to a database. Before the designed dhtmlx templates are served to the client some of the code is re-written; we use C# and add some binding code for text boxes etc. Eventually I added a 2E layout and added the grid to bottom section but we would like this functionality to work for other screens we will developer.

Yes it is possible to hook it up in code but that takes away the benefit of the visual designer.