Enable copy of cell value without enable cell edit

In my application it is a requirement that cells not be editable. Therefore I have the following settings:

// Enable double-click, but not single-click or F2.

Double-clicking a cell performs a special function, for which I’ve defined a custom event handler.


Unfortunately, by suppressing editing a cell, I’ve also suppressed copying its value, using Ctrl-C. I would like to be able to copy a cell value without enabling editing of the cell. What is the most straightforward way of doing this?

Please, try to add the following code:

mygrid.EntBox.onselectstart=function(e){(e||event),cancelBubble=true;return true;};

Also you need to modify dhtmlxgrid.css:
remove all lines with “-moz-user-select”

When I added the line of code you suggested, I get the following error:
"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘onselectstart’ of undefined ".

This indicates to me that EntBox is not a defined property of gridTable, which I have defined as an instance of class dhtmlxGrid, of course. I tried adding the onselectstart property you indicated to the beforefunc and the initfunc for gridTable, and it produced the same error in both cases.

I apologize!
It’s my mistake:
“entBox”. not “EntBox”.