Enable/disable hover tooltip


How can I enable/disable the hover tooltip in events.

Hello @Daju99 ,

If you want to disable the tooltip functionality at all, you can just remove the tooltip: true from active plugins:

If you want to display tooltips only for some of the events, you can use the tooltip_text template:

In which you can add the condition if the tooltip should be displayed or not, like follows:

scheduler.templates.tooltip_text = function(start,end,ev){
    if(ev.id % 2)
        return "<b>Event:</b> "+ev.text+"<br/><b>Start date:</b> " + 
    "<br/><b>End date:</b> "+scheduler.templates.tooltip_date_format(end);

Here is a demo(as you can see, hovering the mouse on some events won’t show the tooltip):

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