Enable/Disable read only event based on login user


I would like to enable/disable read only for specific event on the calendar based on the login user (i.e. login user can only edit an event if it was created by him/her. If not created by him/her, he/she still can open the event to view but not able to edit anything on the lightbox). Is this possible? If yes, how? Thanks!

yes, it’s possible. When event is created, you can save an id of the currently logged in user as one of the properties of an event. And add some checkings on the client and on server that would allow modifying event only if id of event owner match the id of a current user
Please check this tutorial, it’s a bit outdated since has been implemented using MVC3, but the part that related to checking user is still actual (probably you’ll need to update NuGet package of scheduler to run it)
blog.scheduler-net.com/post/Room … vents.aspx