Enable Elapsed Duration in the tasks

I would like to use the elapsed duration service of MS Project into my DHTMLX Gantt module. I would like to add the prefix ‘e’ into the duration input on my gantt grid and then change my duration service into the gantt.

https://www.projility.com/thinking-about-elapsed-durations/ explain what is ‘Elapsed Duration’ and how this work.

Is it possible enable this configuration in my Dhtmlx gantt chart ? Could you give a example of how do it ? Thanks

One of the options is to create a custom calendar with the same configuration logic as elapsed duration and then assign it to individual tasks. You can create a custom column in the grid to choose the required calendar to the task.
You can create your custom calendar with addCalendar method: https://docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/api__gantt_addcalendar.html ;
To set the working hours and days, you need to specify your calendar in the following way:

    id: "elapsed",
    worktime: {
        hours: ["00:00-24:00"],
        days: [1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1]

You can add a custom column to gantt.config.columns and select the desired calendar with the help of the select editor. Here are related articles:
https://docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/desktop__specifying_columns.html ;
Please check the example of how it might be implemented:
https://snippet.dhtmlx.com/o9yciaz7 ;