Enable Header Menu issue

I am trying to use the column hiding using header menu. When I initialize the grid as
var grid = dhtmlXGridObject(“GridView1”);

I dont get any properties populated. But if I use
var grid = dhtmlXGridFromTable(“GridView1”);
then I am able to use the grid properties like

Can you help me to understand what is happening? I want to use dhtmlxgrid with attachHeader and enableHeaderMenu functionality. Can I user these properties with dhtmlxGridFromTable or do I need to user dhtmlxgridObeject for this functionality?


The following solution worked for me:


mygrid = new dhtmlXGridFromTable('tblToGrid'); mygrid.enableHeaderMenu();[/code]

ok cool. Thanks that worked for me too. Please see the attached image, how I am getting the regular right click menu as well as the column list when I right click the grid header. Let me know how I can disable/not show the regular right click menu on grid header. I want to show only the column list as you have in this example.
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … _menu.html


Also please see the error in screenshot “TypeError: this.isColumnHidden is not a function”


Unfortunately the issues cannot be reconstructed locally.
Please, provide any kind of sample of your code or a complete demo/demo link where the issue can be reconstructed.