enable Multiline in dhtmlx grid by enduser

i want to enable end-user to select wether enabling or disabling Multiline cell in dhtmlx grid , so end user can click some button or menu item which will call enableMultiline method making all grid cell multiline or not multiline; but i find i can only enable Multiline from “true” to “false”, and can not enable Multiline from “false” to " true" ,can you give some idea about this problem? thanks very much!

The enableMultiline command affect how grid is rendered, so it can be used only during grid’s initialization, and have not practical sense after that.

in my situation during grid’s initialization, default multiline value is true,and i can click a custom toolbar button to set grid become not multiline(false) ,but i can not click the custom toolbar button to set grid become multiline (true) again

check the attached sample
1293715471.zip (112 KB)

thanks for your great sample! can you tell me what is the meaning for:

mygrid.obj.className = "obj"; 

mygrid.obj.className = “obj row20px”;

There are two css class , which controls how rows rendered in grid

obj row20px - height of rows fixed
obj - height of rows not fixed

basically this class the only thing which need to be changed , to enable|disable multiline mode

thanks very much