Enable tool tips for combo in grid cell


Is there any way we can show tool tips when placing cursor over combo list value. I have this combo in one of the grid cells.

You can add a tooltip to cell using title attribute of a cell:

<cell title="title">value</cell>

Hi Sematik,

I wanted to know about combo list tooltip. I have select using XML as shown below. Is there any way that when I place mouse over list value,I must show tooltip.

<item type="select" value="" label="combo :" name="combolist" width="150">		
		<option value="1" label="TEST1"/>
		<option value="2" label="TEST2"/>				

Your XML will be like below:

<?xml version='1.0'?> <complete> <option value="One" id="0_1"><![CDATA[<span title='tooltip1'>1111</span>]]></option> </complete>

Not sure how exactly I need to use your solution. It is not working. Can you give me a working example of UI rendered from XML. I mean select from XML with tooltip.

What excell type do you have in the needed cell? Does it co/coro type or is it combo exCell. How the options are added top your combo?
Please, provide a sample of your code with init of your grid.