Enable Year View in Drupal plugin

Can anyone help me getting Year View in Drupal plugin?

“dhtmlxScheduler for Drupal” module was rejected by Drupal maintainers, so it is not actively developed anymore.

You can grab package of standalone scheduler and check
It shows how html code need to be updated to add year view. Similar changes can be added to the related page of module for Drupal.

Hello! I see that Drupal maintainers have rejected to work with the “dhtmlxScheduler for Drupal” module. Then you should update this site: http://www.dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxScheduler/index.shtml

I was looking for a dhtmlxScheduler compatible CMS and on this site I did find “Plugins for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.” I did install Drupal on my server but :confused: end of story :laughing:

Well, now I maybe have to use Joomla. I don’t like it becouse of their extraordinary PHP language, and WordPress is not a good alternative for us. If you know an other (normal) CMS with a “dhtmlxScheduler module” It would be nice if you let me know.