enableDistributedParsing and Parse function

Now I am using DHtmlXGrid(ver 1.6 Pro).

When I use Ajax, I found a error.

1, grid1.enableDistributedParsing(true, 20, 100);

2, New ajax.Request("xxxx ") {

OnSuccess:function(httpOject) {

var result = httpObject.responseXML.getElementsByTagName(“xxx”)[0];

grid1.parse(result); <======



3, If don’t set enableDistributedParsing, the searched data is display in grid, everything is OK.

But if set enableDistributedParsing, after all data is display in grid, two error dialog are shown.


error type: LoadXML

description: incorrect xml。


Question: who can tell me the reason, and how to correct it.

We cannot reproduce this issue locally. Please contact support@dhtmlx.com and provide sample where this issue occurs including files which you are using to init grid.