I have the follwoing code what doesnt work. I would like to move the table of row. thx!


$QS = “SELECT * FROM subgalleries WHERE oid = “.$gid.” ORDER by name ASC”;

mysql_query(“SET NAMES ‘utf8’”);

$result = mysql_query($QS) or die(mysql_error().“query error”);


while ($sor = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) {


echo (’’);

echo (’’);

echo (‘’);

//echo (’’);





Sor N�v T�rl�s
’.$i.’ ’.$sor[‘name’].’ X

a) setColWidth - with command will affect column only if it already was rendered, for setting initial width you need to use
b) usage of onload event is not reliable, different browsers uses different order of onload function calls, so the code may start when grid not initialized yet.
c) d-n-d mode must be enabled before data loading

<table style=“width: 480px;” gridHeight=“auto” class=“dhtmlxGrid” name=“flashgallery” oninit=“gr_init_2()” onbeforeinit=“gr_init_1()”