enableLightMouseNavigation causes strange scrolling

After using grid.enableLightMouseNavigation(true);
The mouse will highlight whatever row it is over. This is the desired behavior. However it also causes the grid to scroll to make sure the entire row is visible. This cuases some strange behavior as occationally the scroll just keeps going. So I try to grab a partially hidden row and instead end up at the top of the list. Is their a way to disable the scroll when light mouse navigation is enabled?

The suspect code causing the sparadic behavior seems to be:
if (show !== false && this.cell && this.cell.parentNode.idd) { this.moveToVisible(this.cell) }

At the bottom of funciton this.doClick

I was able to disable the scroll by doing grid.moveToVisible = function(){};

I don’t like this solution as move to vissible may be handy in other use cases so disabling it completely is not idea. I would love a better solution that allows me to just remove that on select.

Please, try to use the enableRowsHover() instead of the light navigation:
docs.dhtmlx.com/api__dhtmlxgrid_ … hover.html