enablemultiline in a subgrid -- Is this supported?

I can not get multiline to work in a subgrid. Is this supported?

Below is my code for setting up the subgrid.


echo('<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>'); 
//start output of data
echo "<rows>";
echo "<head>";
echo "<beforeInit>"; 
echo "<call command='setSkin'><param>xp</param></call>";
echo "</beforeInit>";
echo "<afterInit>";
echo "<call command='enableMultiline'><param>true</param></call>";
echo "</afterInit>";
echo "<column width='100' type='ro' align='left' sort='date'>Date</column>";
echo "<column width='715' type='ro' align='left' sort='na'>Status Update</column>";
echo "</head>";
echo "<settings>";
echo "<colwidth>px</colwidth>";
echo "</settings>";

Yes it’s supported and work as expected at local example