enableOptionAutoPositioning for combo filter in grid header

I’m using #combo_filter in my grid headers and need to set enableOptionAutoPositioning() for the them. Could you help me out - how to do it?

You can get dhtmlxCombo object with following code:

var combo_filter=grid.getFilterElement(column_index);

Yes - this is what I thought and tried it already.
I get “combo_filter.enableOptionsAutoPositioning is not a function” error. :frowning:

Olga, do you have any update on this one? thank you.

Olga, it looks like
var combo_filter=grid.getFilterElement(column_index);

in this case combo_filter is like pointer to the object and not the dhtmlxCombo object itself.
This is why (as I see it) i get “combo_filter.enableOptionsAutoPositioning is not a function” error.

Can you escalate this issue please?