enableSmartRendering not displaying all rows

Using dynamic loading in a grid with a buffer of 50.

Not all rows are displayed even though the XML data is definitely returned as observed in FireBug.  This problem has been recorded in this knowledge base by others without a solution so far as I can see.

My page has a 2E layout contained with the right hand panel (“B”) of a 2U Layout.
My grid is contained in the top panel of the 2E layout with a toolbar.
I’ve noticed that the number of missing rows changes with how fast I scroll down the list.  If I scroll slowly and wait for the screen to render each time there are fewer rows missing.  I’m wondering if the calculation of what to display is getting messed up by having the grid within the layout.

What further info can I send through to help you reproduce this problem as I presume the stock standard samples are fine?

Could you please send us full example where we can reproduce this issue including files which you are using to initialize components.

Files attached. Please send me your direct email if you need to see the problem in action and I’ll give you log in details.

indexSuccess.php.zip (3.54 KB)
layout_list.php.zip (1.5 KB)
dhtmlxutils.js.zip (1.31 KB)

Please send full example to support@dhtmlx.com