enableSmartXMLParsing and the TreeGrid

I have a rather large data set I am loading using loadXMLString in the TreeGrid. It is taking a long time to load and render (at least a couple minutes). I set enableSmartXMLParsing = true and of course it loaded much faster, however I am using checkboxes in my treegrid and only the first tier nodes where check accordingly, does not appear to set checkboxes on any subsequent levels. Is there a way that I can speed the loading up and also maintain the integrity of my checkboxes? I also tried just using enableSmartRendering and I ended up with a js error and no data loaded. Thanks in advance.

If you are using default checkbox logic ( two states, states clearly defined in XML ) - the treegrid must load them correctly in both normal and smartXMLParsing modes
If you are using some custom checkbox logic - the situation is a bit more complex.Which code you are using to set checboxes of child items?
In any case , setting checkbox states for child items, will require rendering of related items, which will result in slow processing.

I do have custom checkbox logic.  My problem was that getSubItems() would return nothing unless I opened the node first.  I ended up using openItem() to render first before my getSubItem() calls and voila, its working ok.

Which version of dhtmlxgrid you are using?
In case of version 1.6+, this command must return correct value even if smartXMLParsing mode enabled.

I am using version1.6 build 80512 of the treegrid (dhtmltreegrid.js)

Please contact us directly at support@dhlmlx.com and provide your ref. number - we will send you latest version of js file for version 1.6. While there were no fixes directly related to your issue, still it may resolve problem.