enableSmartXMLParsing incompatible with smartRefreshBranch?


I try to have a tree that can load data from an XML file (it will be a data provider in the future but that doesn’t matter), display it and can be refreshed by the user. If the XML has changed it should update the tree accordingly. We expect to have around 25 subnodes each containing 250 leaves.

I am unable to achieve this simple task.

I have the following code :


Tree test : from file

<?php echo "

loaded from " . tree_data_path; ?> [/code]

I will attach the data file mockTree.xml.

Here is what I think is probably a bug :

  1. Load the page
  2. in a javascript console do : tree_agents.getItemParsingState(‘agent_agent0’);
    it returns 0 as expected, it is not loaded yet.
  3. hit the refresh button
  4. Wait… it is slow, very slow.
  5. do again tree_agents.getItemParsingState(‘agent_agent0’);
    This time it returns 1, which explains that the previous step was really slow : the smart xml parsing has failed.

What am I doing wrong here ? what should I do to have a refresh as fast as a loading yet using smartRefreshBranch ?

For sake of completeness I tried smartRefreshItem but got a javascript error in Firefox 24 and the tree disappeared. Can you confirm this bug ?

To be noted that I tried to use smartRendering instead of smartXMLparsing and it produced a javascript error in firefox : tree_agents.enableSmartRendering is not a function.

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mockTree.xml.tgz (3.78 KB)

I forgot to say that we use the version 3.6.131108 PRO.

Please, attach on support@dhtmlx.com a direct link to you project or completed demo
docs.dhtmlx.com/auxiliary_docs__ … pport.html
We need to inspect it with your source files


I submitted ticket 25845 with a demo.

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Hello Barth,

We’ve replied to the ticket.