Enabling work_time rendering additional cells

When I enabled gantt.config.work_time = true It creates an additional column for the start and end date.
By default, gantt only renders one additional column before the start date and after the end date, but when work_time is enabled it renders additional cells, currently, I prevent this by specifying start_date and end_date, but can I avoid this issue without specifying the start and end date?


Hello Vyshnav,
When the work_time is enabled and the date range is not specified, Gantt adds more cells to make sure that the most left and right cells have the working hours:


There is no way to change how it works. You need to specify the displayed date range with the gantt.config.start_date and gantt.config.end_date parameters.
If you want to increase the date range when you drag tasks, you can implement a custom solution by using the Gantt API and Javascript.

The following article describes how it can be implemented:

Here are examples with the hour scale and the working time config: