encrypt data in loader before send

I would like to encrypt the form data (“loader”) and make it as an encrypted string before send using php:
dhtmlxFor,.send(“doit.php”, function(loader, response) {
//do something

How can I get it work?

There exists in dhtmlXForm.prototype.send a line you need


or (min js)
~ l.push(g+"="+encodeURIComponent(m[g]))

thanks avalon.
what i’m trying to do is to secure the data transport between client and server side, such loading and updating data, from any sniff.
therefore, i would implement:

  • load in encrypted data from mysql
  • decrypt and supply the data to the form
  • encrypt form data (could be only some important ones)
  • post data
  • encrypt and save data to server side.

any suggestion of how i can get it?
or some ideas on implementing data transport security?
Thanks for the shares.