Enquiry for feature feasibility for POC


We looked your samples online and it looks promising for our commercial project, We still not able to find samples for following scenarios, and curious to check if is it supported?

  1. RTL Support, (Arabic)
  2. Inline Task name, start date, end date editing in Grid itself instead of Popup
  3. Drag and Drop of task (Not necessary change the date etc., just want user to rearrange tasks


unfortunately most of the listed features are not supported in a latest stable version

  1. RTL is not supported, and probably won’t be implemented soon.
  2. Inline editing is currently implemented in a dev version and is planned to be released in one of the nearest updates.
  3. Task can be dragged horizontally (change date) and vertically (change order). Vertical drag and drop is enabled only for a grid area
    docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/samples/07 … ering.html