Enter License Information

Hi all,

Can anyone point me in the direction of a guide that explains how to implement your license number into your own project? I have received my codebase, and all of my necessary JavaScript files, but I don’t know what all to include, and if I need to put my license number anywhere to make sure I have access to use the project. Please advise!


could you please clarify what exactly do you trying to do?
If you mean the license number you’ve got after obtaining dhtmlxGantt, it is only used for logging in into support system support.dhtmlx.com/ and sometimes you may need it to clarify the subscription details with our sales.
What do you mean by implementing license number into your project?

Hi Aliaksandr,

Thanks for your reply. I was basically trying to clarify that once we have all the JavaScript source files, that we are able to use it as we wish. Or if we needed to hard code our license anywhere to make sure that there wasnt some sort of verification that you guys have in your files that calls back to your databases, or anything like that.

Yes, that is correct. Components don’t do any kind of validation or activation to the external servers, js/css files are fully self-sufficient