Enterprise customer ticket not responded for more than 20 days

We bought the enterprise license for DHTMLX Gantt, and we have contacted the support via email regarding this question:

Unfortunately, we haven’t got any response since 30th of May!!

We also sent follow up emails two times with no response!

I hope there is a reasonable answer to this.

Hello Yaser,
Sorry, for the delay. You used the wrong email and your message was moved to the SPAM folder, that’s why we didn’t know that you submitted a support request.

I’ve already sent you the answer but will include it here.

We don’t have an NPM package with the Pro version. But you can install Gantt as an NPM package the following way:

  1. Unpack Gantt to a specific folder, for example, to /opt/gantt_pro
  2. Use the following command to install Gantt:
npm install /opt/gantt_pro

You can read more about installation methods in the following article:

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My bad!
Sorry for disturbing.

Thanks Ramil for your response!