Enterprise edition - Is it full (non-minified) source code?

So 2 questions:

  1. For enterprise edition buyers - Is the source code complete and non-minified version?
  2. Could you post some sample code snippet (may just 10-15 lines) so I can judge the level of in-code documentation?


Hi Raman,

  1. Yes, the source code is provided in Enterprise license.

  2. Actually, we don’t have in-code documentation. The docs is available online: docs.dhtmlx.com/

Thanks a lot for the reply!
Please also confirm that source is not minified. :slight_smile:

In addition, when can we expect more touch UI demos, now that dhtmlx suite is touch-friendly from 4.1 onwards?

Yes, the source code isn’t minified.

As for the demos, we already have this one: dhtmlx.com/docs/products/demoApp … index.html

Other demos are on their way :wink:

One last question (hopefully)!

Are we free to change the source itself or extend the functionality as we may like?

Yes, the license allows modifications and usage of modified version (but you won’t have rights to distribute it as new control).

Hello again!

The touch support is becoming a deal-breaker for us. And the latest version does “seem” to support touch devices. To test touch support (in the absence of official demo) I downloaded the free suite and tested it on an iPad.

I could not drag and drop the DTHMLX Tree nodes on iPad but it worked flawlessly on the desktop. Is there something I needed to do (like “enableTouchSupport(true)”) or something else?
Or may be touch support is only in the paid version?

When can people like me expect official touch-UI demos? I know you have promised to bring them out soon but would be possible to give a tentative date?