Enterprise License and Login Credentials - Email Address

Hi -

We have an enterprise license at our company, and I am registered here on the forum, but I don’t have the license credentials myself. I do have the login credentials of one of the guys here that uses DHTMLX a lot.

Up to now, I’ve really only needed the online doc and the forum. However, now I need to open a ticket and need to put in an email address. Here’s my question: If I use an established credential, the answer will go to the other guy who will then have to forward it to me - so, how do I get my email address “attached” to our license? OR, once I am logged in with his credentials, can I then direct to what address the answer should be sent?


Please contact us on sales (at) dhtmlx.com and provide your license number and original contact address for your license. We’ll add your address to your support account, so you’ll be able to log in to the support system with your email address.